Concierge Therapy

Are you feeling overwhelmed and helpless because of issues dealing with children, family members, friends and/or other individuals in your life? A much needed and important step in making those changes is seeking emotional support. Emotional support in the form of Concierge Therapy may be that viable option.

What you may ask is Concierge Therapy? Concierge Therapy is a new term, but was previously incorporated by physicians coming to your home to meet your physical needs. This type of therapy is similar with a professional therapist meeting your emotional needs, by scheduling personalized appointments. It provides total physical confidentially in the comfort of your own home, with minimal stress related to travel time and physical contact with other patients in an office (waiting-room) area.

Picking up your phone today and contacting this and/or another therapist is an important step in making those much needed changes in your life!! These relational issues that may seem insurmountable today can be identifiable through therapy, resulting in specific goals and objectives being formulated to make those changes. Please note YOU ARE SPECIAL and are entitled to the emotional healing, you so valiantly seek.